Are there any meteor hosting options that allow unlimited domains/subdomains


With your typical commodity PHP/mysql hosting options, you can create multiple separate web apps under different domains, or different subdomains, inside the same single hosting account. You pay a single price, anywhere from 3.00/month on up, depending on what you want to have for stability, support, etc.

From what I’ve seen with providers like , you have to pay for every separate app you want to host… Therefore, 3 small apps would cost 3 times as much as one large app, even though those 3 small apps might take up less disk, and less CPU resources than the one large app.

Does anyone know of any current meteor hosting options that are priced like PHP hosting options? (ie. unlimited domains)


You can go with AWS. You pay for the instance which you can host multiple apps on. You can route to the apps with Route 53. I think (I am not sure) that the * apps are hosted on AWS.


Once you have configured a domain to your hosting account … Digital Ocean … I would recommend the $10 a month option … you can then use Nginx or Apache ( I prefer )and a deployment option like … and you can host any number of apps … on your one $10 a month account.

This will work with any server you have access to … free or paid.

There really is a lack of coherence or ease in finding deployment information for Meteor. It’s a technical subject and many that are attracted to Meteor are not the DevOps crowd.

But, you’ll be find with Passenger and Nginx. They can take you to anywhere you want to go with your multiple apps.


Thank you for the comments… what I am now currently working on is nginx with SSL, and then using proxypass to direct different hostnames to different node processes on different ports.

I also found pm2:

which is working nice for managing the meteor/node apps, it keeps them running, and also starts them up on system startup…