Are there any plans on supporting Angular tests in Velocity?


I’m an AngularJS dev for Nordstrom. I am evaluating Meteor for use in future projects, but right now I’m so new to it my head is swimming with information.

I’m really interested in the angular-meteor project, but there is currently Zero documentation on how to go about testing an angular-meteor app. The Google brought me here.

Since Velocity is going to be the Official test runner of Meteor, I was wondering how, if in any way, it will interact with popular client-side frameworks like Backbone, Ember or Angular.

PS: If anyone has successfully tested an angular-meteor app and have code I can steal from you I would be very grateful.


Top of my head… I think the existing frameworks will work as is.

For the client side, mocha and jasmine well both allow you to do browser based testing. Jasmine will also allow to do unit testing.

If you give me a specific use case, maybe an example of something you’ve tested before, I can try to help


Yeah, should just work without any differences to Meteor only apps. If you want to load additional testing libraries (e.g. Angular Mocks) you can use the debugOnly: true package pattern.

I also used just Karma and Jasmine for client tests in a previous project that used Meteor with AngularJS. It worked quiet well.


Hi Sanjo, we are currently trying Meteor with Angular but haven’t found any documentation, tutorials or examples of how to write Jasmine unit and integration tests for the Angular client.

Could you provide any samples?

Thanks for your help!


I don’t have any examples specifically for the Angular Meteor integration. Maybe ask Urigo. There are theses tests: And of course the sanjo:jasmine documentation I think you can test the Angular code like you would without Meteor. There are a lot resources available on testing Angular apps with Jasmine.


I’m also researching testing angular-meteor but the link above is dead:

Has it been superseded by something?