Are There Any Simple Ways To Deploy Meteor On Hosting/Server

Hello, I have just noticed that actually getting your app onto a server with your own domain seems to be a pain, I have looked at and everything looks pretty confusing. I don’t really understand what Modulus actually is because at first I thought it was a hosting platform that accepted Node.js however now I am thinking it’s just an online development environment from how it describes itself.

The simplest option would have been to use Meteors own deployment platform however the prices are just way to steep for us at this moment in time because we are a small startup and cant really fund that sort of payment monthly.

Can somebody explain what is the easiest and most affordable way to deploy a Meteor app and host it?

Thanks, Nick + Meteor Up :wink:


I’m a huge fan of Docker. I think containerized meteor is the easiest way to deploy a meteor app using your own servers. I would check out Amazons Elastic Container Service which is what galaxy is hosted on. I wrote a simple non-production quality tutorial on how to deploy meteor to it here. + Meteor Up

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