Are there any teams that wouldn't mind to take a junior developer for a long term partnership?

Hello, community!
Are there any team that love to work in meteor and that wouldn’t mind to take another perspective developer in their squad?

As all of you I want to make our world even better and do some great things to improve it.
I recently discovered Meteor and now I want to really dig further in the web-development field.
And I want to actively participate in our community, but firstly I need to polish my skills as a developer on a real production type project and not my casual ones. That’s why I need to join a good team.

I do understand that companies that uses job boards are ones that really need a developer as fast as possible, they want to build a product quickly and they need seasoned developer here and now. Junior doesn’t really fit in that case.

And teams that wouldn’t mind to work with junior would probably find a candidate in they circle of friends or somewhere near that.

But I don’t have an IT sphere highly developed in my hometown in Siberia, if any developed at all, not even mentioning the meteor here. So the only choice I have if I want to be at the forefront of web-dev field is to work remotely. And that way I can’t really join some circle of friends without participating in meetups and other offline events.

I don’t have any problems with discipline or with something like that. Therefore I’m certain that I could nicely fit in any team’s workflow

Possible questions:

  1. Why don’t you work on your own then? I do have couple of great ideas, but I believe that making a great product is strictly team work and team work only.
  2. What is your time zone? UTC + 8
  3. Can I take a look at any of your work? Sure, I have a blog and a couple of casual projects on GitHub. I understand that it is not the best code in the world, but I do bet on my ability to quickly grasp good practices by working in team and ability to quickly grow in terms of work.
  4. What about money? I’m comfortable with $500-$1000 in my town
  5. How can I reach you? Via skype - silence.nsff or mail -

PS: As a stellar by all senses community we definitely need to make some resources to connect new developers with teams and mentors, because meteor is really newbie-friendly, but the whole business web-development field is not.

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Hi there!

I’m definitely interested in taking a junior developer (or more than one) under my wings and helping them build a business of their own and build joint products over time, while initially working on whatever projects I have currently going on.

I’m working with a wide range of clients and whenever I’m free to choose the development stack I go for Meteor obviously. And there’s so much work that I can absolutely not do it all just on my own. I think I am slacking in terms of progress on at least 2 otherwise active/open and agreed-upon and paid projects, simply because there’s so much to do.


One - I would absolutely benefit from a Meteor community “work & project exchange”. Lots of business and repeat business coming in, could use more hands to get stuff done. And build standalone products from many of the tasks solved in client projects.
Two - I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow and let’s see if we think we’re a good fit for each other! I can definitely pay ~$500 as a guaranteed base compensation, and would be more than happy to pay much more than that based on the results we accomplish together. BUT I’m really not sure that working with me is what you’re looking for because I’m not a proper team yet and am mostly building small to medium-sized client projects instead of “my/our own thing”. But I can certainly help you get into the business of web dev (with Meteor!) if you’ve fundamentally found your way into the dev aspect of things yourself, which you do seem to have!
Three - if anyone else is in a similar situation, please feel free to talk to me (PM). Would be happy to provide business, projects, mentoring, fellowship, structuring or whatever else I can provide given where I am and what I’ve learned so far!



Just in case there are others here interested as well – we’ve begun building a small team / studio here, 2 junior devs so far, and another one most likely joining in the beginning of July, with me as the mentor & team lead & client communicator etc.

If any of you resonate with what the OP has written above or what I have replied then you’re invited to message me and potentially join us for fun and profit!
I’m very much enjoying the role of mentor & advisor, have lots of projects suitable for Meteor coming in and currently open, and would love to keep building out the team and business and help you accomplish your goals in bringing your Meteor (or programming) skills to a professional level and establishing a business with a good flow of work and income for yourself!


HI ,
I would be interested in seeing if it would be a god fit to join your team too, I started with Meteor about 3 months ago and I love it and want to learn more advanced stuff, honestly I don’t need the money (I own several businesses) but I am a fast learner and really want to in one year from now be a good JS / Meteor developer and grow.

I am in Costa Rica so the timezone is the same as in the U.S

Hey @hodaraadam,

that sounds great! I’ll be a little busy for another 2-3 days but let’s see if some time next week we can have a chat/Skype conversation and see if it might be a good idea to bring you on board, too, and how we might help you accomplish some of your goals while also working on shared ones all together!
Costa Rica sounds fantastic, too. One of the countries on my “to visit” list, and has been for a number of years. I’m currently located off the coast of Western Africa, Island of Tenerife, so timezone is UTC+0 for me.

Let’s just shoot each other a message this coming week and suggest a time and date to meet up and have a chat!

// Denis

ps. Oh and I’ll love to ask you and learn about the businesses that you’re owning & running. In a year from now I’d love to be able to say “honestly I don’t need the money” (and mean it, too, like you do) :smile:

@seeekr You should come to Costa Rica, you’ll love it
Lets talk when you have time next week, I am always available

He he I didn’t mean that I don’t need money or pursuing money in life , just meant that since this is like an internship from what I understood, I am willing to give up the $500 as long as I learn so my motivation is not money for this, my motivation is pure learning and working on real projects to learn Meteor quicker :smile:

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@seeekr I am quite new to Meteor however, I have taken it upon myself to make learning Meteor my full time job for 4 months starting about 1 1/2 months ago. I am currently working on an App of my own however, I would really enjoy pausing on that and joining a team to help out and learn. As previously stated I am quite new so, if I’m not someone you would like to take on, please keep me in mind as I continue to improve. I am currently in Kansas City (CST).

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Ha, I get that :smiley: Will talk soon, will PM you. That motivation is the perfect one for learning and, as an extension, accomplishing lots, I’m right with you on this.

I just responded to Samuel in a PM but then realized that I’d like to say these things also in public, so it’s there to read for anyone interested.

Hey Samuel!

Sorry, should have responded to your post so you’d have known what I’m thinking :slight_smile:
I’m currently setting some things up so I can more easily bring a few more people on board, so I’m busy and thus relatively quiet. I’m very open to people of all skill sets – the most important part is the mindset, i.e. having the desire to grow and improve, to learn, to write great software, to create the best one can create, according to one’s current ability, to dedicate oneself to becoming a great (Meteor & overall) developer, to join efforts with others and help, support and encourage each other.

If that sounds good to you and matches up with the main idea of your intentions, then you’ll be offered a spot with the coming round of invitations :slight_smile:

And again, don’t worry about being new to Meteor. We all are, relatively speaking. We’re all just beginning to explore “Space” together and there’s lots to learn and lots to do and lots to improve and lots to collaborate on. Mindset and intention is key, the rest will fall into place easily and naturally!


Hi I’m also very much interested in this opportunity. Currently, I’m working as an IT Analyst and Consultant for Mainframe systems and Application. I feel the need to upgrade myself to the latest technology and try to move my career towards web and app development. And, I recently discovered Meteor and found it very interesting and started learning it immediately. I have completed the Meteor Tips book and the Official tutorial. I would like to learn more on Meteor and for that I would require people’s help and work on some hand on to get the real world knowledge. I’m a quick learner and $500 would be more that sufficient for me and this would provide me the motivation.

My Skype id and email:

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I’ve been working with Meteor on personal projects for a few months now and would like to expand my experience and skills by working on real-world applications. I’m currently working on a pet project (, which is pretty much still a work in progress, and I’m currently getting started on a simple inventory system for a side-business my wife and I have.

I would love an opportunity to collaborate on a project that helps me get better as a developer. I’ve seen some job postings online that require “expert” Meteor developers, but I feel that I haven’t reached that high of a level yet in terms of my skills. If you are okay to take on another junior developer with a few months experience, please let me know so we can get a chance to chat.

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Not sure if this was sent as a PM so I apologize if not. :smile:



@everyone: I’m really sorry for taking my sweet time in getting back to you guys. I haven’t forgotten about any of your posts and messages, am just currently still completing a few projects that I cannot reasonably share with the team. Looks like a few more productive days and I’ll have much more room to breathe and will be able to bring the time and attention I’d like to give to each and every one of our conversations! Thanks!

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Hi everyone, I am new here. Firstly I am NOT a developer. I found Meteor while doing research for possible technology for our art event mobile app for the contemporary art industry. I really love the framework of Meteor because it is able to tap into iOS and Android’s native features. So glad I also stumble onto this post. My co-founder (graphic designer) and I (photographer) are both art school graduate and want to disrupt the fine art industry with our mobile. The problem we want to solve is to streamline the process of finding art events, galleries, exhibitions, art festival, etc all into one mobile app. We are looking for developer that are interested in joining our project for equity and a chance to work on a real project. This app will be free in the beginning to help gain as much user as possible. Then we will try to start monetizing our app with branded content and possible monthly subscription for artists and institution to promote their art show. We feel the intersection of art and technology (mobile app) is totally being underserve and we would love to be one of the company to help disrupt this area. If anyone is interested in joining our team, feel free to email me directly at also check out our website for more info about our vision for the mobile app

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Hi seeekr,

My name is Sam. I was wondering if your offer is still open? I am new to the Meteor forums and apparently I don’t have the ability to send PMs yet. I have been working with Meteor for a few months and would also like some real-world experience with a mentor who can help me improve my skills. The money isn’t the biggest concern for me right now. I am mostly interested in gaining experience and being mentored. I am okay with being paid based on performance, so if my performance reflects $0, then that just shows that I have some learning to do :). On the other hand, if my performance reflects more than $0, then getting paid for that performance would just be an added bonus. Please let me know if you have room on your team and if I can join.

Thank you,