Are there any updates coming to blaze soon?

as the topic says . So has the project been forgotten or ?

What updates are you hoping for?

Last time this was addressed, it was MDG at the reins, but their stance was this: Blaze will keep working. If something happens that breaks Blaze, they will fix it.

For example, we found an obscure bug related to dynamic imports, Safari and Blaze. After reporting it, Ben Newman (lead dev of Meteor at the time) went to great lengths to figure out what was going on and worked out a patch for Blaze, even though it was a bug in the JS engine of Safari that was to blame.

I don’t think it’s in Tiny’s interests either to antagonize loyal Meteor users, who are very much tied to Meteor via Blaze, and therefore very likely to be or to become paying Galaxy customers.

I would therefore expect Blaze to work under Tiny’s leadership as well, but I wouldn’t expect any significant updates being worked on just for the fun of it, since Blaze is probably not the first choice anymore for new projects.


Important to note that they vowed to keep it working, but not to ever extend it.

Meteor’s always held backwards compatibility in high regard, so I can’t imagine Tiny would just throw out blaze. That would be a big slap in the face to meteor pioneers.

This is one of the crucial Meteor’s features that has allowed us to build and expand a very large app over the past four years with a very small (I didn’t want to use the word tiny) team.

Our older Meteor-1.0-era code is still alive and kicking - Blaze templates and all - and if we had to refactor all of those, the cost would be substantial (…though we are refactoring them, but gradually, as needed and where it counts!).