Are there any way to speed up sockjs/info?


I am trying to speed up first load of my meteor app.
I found that sock/info XHR takes 1 second. (a half for initial connection and a half for TTFB)

(It may take longer turnaround time since I live in Japan, but other network accesses take at most 350ms.)

Why does it take so long time and how can I reduce it?

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You have a couple options…

  1. use meteorhacks:fast-render

  2. use React + Flow Router to achieve server side rendering.

#1 is by far the easiest option, but #2 has other advantages such as SEO


I tried no. 1 and love it but now I am using and it suggests a security issue.
It is the first time for me to hear about no. 2 option.
I will study it, but it sounds not easy to port existing program.

Thank you!