Are there still problems with using polymer and when are they likely to be fixed?

Is there a packaging of polymer that does not have problems or do they all still need work arounds to make it work.

Yes, there are still problems.

1.1 was released a few days ago which was a minor release. I know they’re working on support for DOM modifications from other frameworks, I think the branch is still not public. I’m expecting it to be released with 1.2 and being able to (alpha/beta) use it once the branch is public.

I’d say give or take a few weeks.

ok thanks i am excited to start working with it it looks great

we will see.
If it just wait and poll DOM to see if there were changes, it would be damn slow.
I am waiting for end result too, mby we will get some low lvl API to tell it to re-check wrapped “content” and such.
I am playing with material-ui and flexbox for now :smiley: