Are there Webfinger and ActivityPub meteor implementations?

If not I’m going to have to build them myself. I found an old node.js webfinger implementation, though I’m not sure if it’s working right now, nor if I can make it work with my meteor application. :confused:

Webfinger is on npm.

Aye, but it hasn’t been updated in 5 years. The package I linked to is a fork with a couple updates, though it’s still basically the same. :confused:

Alright, so after taking care of some other stuff I managed to get the code into my project. What do I need to do to access it from other files though? It looks like it uses the node.js style exports:

exports.xrd2jrd = xrd2jrd;
exports.webfinger = webfinger;
exports.lrdd = lrdd;
exports.hostmeta = hostmeta; = discover;

Is this compatible with meteor, or do I need o change it? It doesn’t seem to work with either meteor’s imports or the node.js style require(), but maybe I’m just doing something wrong. :confused:

Alright nvm, I think I figured it out. Probably. XD