Are you Meteor developer looking for a job? Or you are job (: looking for a developer?


With 5.3k registered users @ , we decided to allow developers to offer their skills & services and possibly connect them to companies - similar to .

Check out: and

Good luck! :slight_smile:


that’s superb idea. I hope someone will the get job from here. lol


I’m working on a project and need someone to make it look good, mostly css/template level stuff. There are a lot of developers there but the lack of filtering makes it kind of… not very useful…

Unless I’m missing something, there’s also no way to post a job?


@gazhayes excuse me for late reply:

  • filtering: only developers marked as “available to hire” have their skills entered, so filtering rest of 5k+ developers is not possible. You can see all 19 of them one by one :slight_smile:

  • post a job: plan was to add “post a job” feature, but we’re busy with other things. That feature will be added soon, but job market is not our primary goal. Until then, best I can suggest is: see


Companies now can post a job here:

(it’s FREE)

Available developers are here:

Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a first job post!

See here:



4 job posts:

25 developers available for hire:

Good luck! :shamrock:


6 jobs waiting for you! Hurry up! :slight_smile:


Awesome. I’m looking for a job.


8 jobs & 30 developers available for hire

Hurry up! :slight_smile:


New job is posted few minutes ago: