Are your stack traces clickable?

Hi folks,

I love Chrome debugger, but it doesn’t love me back… — the links aren’t clickable (they open a new browser tab with plaintext code instead of “Sources”). How do you work around that?

Solution: update your project to Meteor 1.1+ and your browser to Chrome 42+.

I’ve got the same problem, but I feel that it only started 1-2 months ago… not sure if it’s maybe chrome that’s changed or some package / setting I’m using, or maybe a chrome extension?

@DanielDornhardt Same here, 1-2 months ago… Have updated Chrome at that time?

I just tried it in an “private browsing” window, without plugins, the stack traces are still clickable there!

  • So it may be some chrome extension, because they’re not loaded in private mode, but I can’t verify and check which extension might cause the problem right now (no time).

Two guys I might have installed in the timeframe since when the stack traces stopped working:

  • Ghostery (my best bet :slight_smile: )

  • HTTPS Everywhere

  • many others :smile:

Maybe you can find the troublemaker? Otherwise I’ll see if one causes this by deactivating my extensions until I found the culprit.

Actually, forget that: It seems that the stack trace was clickable in “normal” chrome all along, so it’s either a specific kind of stack trace that’s not working or it depends on the project as well (or something gut fixed quite recently?).

@DenGorbachev checkout: and

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@funkyeah You saved me hours of debugging! Thanks a lot :smile:

I’ll update the first post with instructions on how to get the stack trace clicking back.