Array of Objects do not render properly


Hello, I’m having problems with autoform and simple schema, the thing is:
in a meteor application I define a schema with an Array field like this:

type: Array,

    label: false,
    label: 'English',
    type: String,
    label: 'Spanish',
    type: String,

then put that field inside a template:
{{afQuickField name=“terms”}}
and it renders ok:

but I put the same code (copy and paste) into another meteor app which has the same AutoForm and simpleSchema versions, and the objwct field in the array render as [object Object] like this:

Any ideas, of what can possibly happen here, thanks
thanks for any help you can offer


I manage this to work making a Downgrade to simplSchema package from version 1.5.5 to 1.4.3