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Hi all,
In order to expand the #meteor on I wrote two short articles after some browsing on Atmosphere, which I would like to share with you:

I’m thinking of continuing this series in the coming weeks with overviews of community packages (different theme every week). Thoughts?


Love this. Keep it up!

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Clever! So readable. I hadn’t heard of any of the “interesting official packages”. FYI Node has a 'url' module and a 'querystring' module that can both get query params.

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the second article helped me recently, thank you.


although the first is also very interesting and valuable information.

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I do believe that is the server side of the url package. Where it shines even more is the front-end where it can detect if to use polyfill or you are free to use the native functionality.

A new article, more in depth look on logging package:

Any suggestions what I should cover next?

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