Asking for test credentials

I am sure if anybody has submitted app on iOS they ask for a valid test user as part of submission.

Recent changes to Play store submission also is asking for the same and now I have got a mail from Facebook also asking for it with the following note:-

  • credentials valid indefinitely
  • potential we will test all Facebook integration

Authentication is the only thing I use in Facebook
authentication, google map and notification are things used from google(for which I am paying) and probably playstore (again paid)
apple for appstore and now authentication for which they ask to be paid as well…

Is it worthwhile to give access credentials to an app perpetually which we do not know how they will use it or how they will protect. Is it a price to pay to be using their authentication or platform. I know it is rambling but would like to hear thoughts from others

Hi perumalkuk,

If some part of your application requires a registered user, you have to provide a test (demo) user to get their approval. You can delete the user after approval.