Aslagle:reactive-table and jagi:astronomy-validators clash


I am trying to add server side rendering to a table that’s rendered with the asagle:reactive-table package. I am also using jagi:astronomy-validators package (unfortunately the validators package is on version 1.1.2… I’d like not to upgrade and instead just fork the validators package if I need to modify it there).

The issue is that the reactive-table seems to not be able to find any records when I have a collection specified on the Astronomy class. I’ve tried to add the property { transform: null } in the ReactiveTable.publish function, which made it not error, but no documents are returned. When I do not have that clause in the publish function, I get an error from the validators package:

stack: 'TypeError: doc._errors.all is not a function at packages/jagi_astronomy-validators.js:624:27

I have read every single stack overflow/issue/forum post I could find, and nothing has worked out. If anyone has any pointers or ideas of what might be going on, please respond!!!