aspirin¹ — get rid of a headache with Meteor!

Keeping track of small amounts of money between acquaintances, especially cash, can quickly turn into a headache:

Imagine you go out with Alice, Bob and Charlie. You buy a few rounds of drinks, Alice pays for the pizzas, Bob for the taxi ride… who owes whom how much, if you decided to share the cost of the evening equally? Will you remember tomorrow, or next week?

With aspirin¹, you can instantly keep track of who paid for what, who owes whom how much, even in different currencies and for different events (in case you agree to settle up later).

We’re in open Beta at the moment, but would love for you to give it a go!


André & Max


I would love to try it but I don’t like to use social logins. Is there a reason why you didn’t also include a traditional signup option?


Haha the funniest one on there is Iran. Its so much more complicated than that, I don’t know where to being. One could fill a manuscript with the odds and ins on this who-pays tradition for Iranians. Each actual affair could easily be turned into a dramatic play. The affair of payment is probably more complex than the time spent making the food, really.

You’re not the first to mention this, and email / password is coming in the coming days! :slight_smile:

Obviously, in those places where customs differ, the app may not have a use case. Some use it to keep track of shared household expenses, like who paid the rent, groceries, etc.

CHINA: Many younger people will split the bill, but older folks consider it an honour to pay for the bill and will often compete for the right to do so.

This is true. My father and uncle were once in a physical contest for who would pay the bill. It started off quite tame and friendly. After a while, you could see the strain on their faces and it was starting to get awkward with each insisting they should pay. By the 5 minute mark, everyone was jumping in to separate the pair. I think if it had gone much further, they’d probably start fighting over it.

I think the landing page text should not be dynamically rendered as it took about a second for it to load the first time. Another second and you would have lost me.

I did get as far as the second paragraph. Too much text. Use pictures.

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Thanks for your suggestions! As I wrote elsewhere, the design is still in flux, but I definitely agree and we’ll implement a better start page for the app. :smile: