[Assets API] get a reference to that package’s Assets object

I am trying to add shared assets between apps from a custom Package so I use api.addAssets() into my custom package.
Everything is good so far and I can see the package’s assets deployed in .meteor/local/build/programs/server/assets/packages/author_packagename/assets/somefile.txt

The problem is that I cannot access this asset file from my main application using:

From the official doc https://docs.meteor.com/api/assets.html I can see:

Note: Packages can only access their own assets. If you need to read the assets of a different package, or of the enclosing app, you need to get a reference to that package’s Assets object.

I also tried to find the reference to the Asset object using Package[‘author:packagename’] but didn’t work as well…

I think the documentation be updated to provide an example…

Any idea how can get a reference to the package’s Assets object ?


This means the package itself needs to export that object in some way - there’s no way to do it unless the package has code to make it available.

Ok so let’s say my asset is an html file that needs to be used as an email template.
how can I export an HTML file (instead of a JS object) ?
I did try to export the file using api.export in the package… Here is what happens:

native: Bad exported symbol: assets/emails/welcome.email.html

I really do think the documentation is not clear on this point.