Assign a user to a profile


Hello, i’m new to meteor and I want to know how I can assign an user I just created to an profile page and display the basic data the user inserted while signing in, also that I’m able as a user to write additional data like my age, phone number or credit card in the profile page, all of that data on the profile page must be linked to the user that signed in. I’m using mongodb as my database and all of my collections have been created in the client-side because that’s how I was tasked to do it.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I suggest you read the Meteor Guide:


You might also check out my socialize:user-profile package.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this,

Is this package you shared used to extend accounts and define a schema? Would be possible to use it with autoforms?

Thanks for your time.


It doesn’t really extend accounts, but it does disallow client side updates to the users collection so that the profile key is not writable by default.

Additionally the package creates a collection and attaches a SimpleSchema to it. The schema can then be extended by creating an additional SimpleSchema and attaching it to the collection. The package also automatically creates new profiles with the same _id and username when new users are created and provides some convenience methods on the user, as well as a publication for the profile.


Thanks for your answer.