Astraload - a new Meteor and GraphQL load testing and performance analytics tool

Hey guys,

We’re excited to announce a new initiative on Meteor performance we’ve been working on for the last half of year. It is called Astraload and consists of three main parts:

  1. Astraload SAAS - it is a load-testing and client-side performance analytics tool (sounds a bit complex, but it’s easy to figure out when you start using it). This tool is specifically targeted to Meteor and GraphQL and it provides unique performance analytics no other tool does. It is in beta currently which means we welcome new users, but we’ll be onboarding them one by one individually to ensure the best possible UX and quick improvements.

  2. Astraload perf team - performance team that helps scaling Meteor and GraphQL applications. The whole idea of building a SAAS was born when we were scaling a Meteor project. Thanks to the new tool we discovered unexpected bottlenecks and hit scaling goals.

  3. Our blog - it’s where we’re going to share our insights on non-trivial cases from our practice. We already have quite a few of them and we hope with your help to get much more! Please enjoy the first entry: When server-side monitoring fall short | Astraload Blog

Please don’t hesitate to join our beta program and use our services. We really need your active participation in order to keep the project running and growing.


Amazing blog post and findings, is there any PR expected from “Astroload perf team” for meteor-elastic-apm ? Maybe I spoiled the next blog post :wink:

@lc3t35 Thanks for the kind words!

Before saying anything else I would like to emphasize that I’m really excited about @kschingiz’s work on meteor-elastic-apm. This is really smart to build performance tools upon a modern tech stack by Elastic.

We could definitely help improve meteor-elastic-apm, but not by writing code for it. Instead we can provide load testing infrastructure for free and assistance with setting up a load testing environment for meteor-elastic-apm and Rocket Chat. If @kschingiz contacts me I’ll make sure to get things rolling.

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Feeling myself really bad that my performance solution makes apps slower instead of helping to boost them. I would appreciate if you help me to investigate the issue.

Let’s make the best apm together which Meteor community deserves.

PS: Can I take a demo of astraload? I want steal some useful features from you :joy::joy: