Astraload Cyberpunk Quest

Hey Meteor Community!

Our team is proud to present an entertainment project built with Meteor: Astraload Cyberpunk Quest –

Wear a suit of a netrunner and dive into wild cyberpunk future. Solve programming tasks, progress through the story and enjoy stunning visuals!

We’ll be glad to hear feedback from you guys and see how you crack the tasks!



the quest is really cool :pinched_fingers: but I couldn’t see anything related to meteor on your site :disappointed_relieved:

Good to know that you enjoyed the quest! It’s actually built with Meteor and one of the tasks is quite related to Meteor transport system - I bet you’ll find it as you progress through the story )

Pretty cool indeed @eluck! Thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

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Very cool @eluck

May I ask what technoologies you are using for front end and game creation ? Just React (or other frontend lib) ? Phaser ? Pixi, other ?

Thanks a lot

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Beautiful visuals! I’m curious, how much of the graphics are bitmap images vs programmatically drawn (canvas, etc)?

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Happy to see that you like visuals of our quest!

Regarding technical side, it’s built with React, SVG and CSS animation - simple and performant due to hardware acceleration.

We didn’t intend to use any specific technologies or nice graphics initially. It just happened to become something very nice when our frontend team got truly inspired and unlocked their true potential.