Async api and minimongo

Do I need to migrate current api call on client side to new async api?

On the client side, we query the minimongo, do we need to use async api on minimongo?

Do anyone have information?
Everything is on browser memory already so we may don’t need to use async api but I’m not sure.

(I mentioned it multiple times, but let’s do it once again, for visibility.)

The server-side won’t have the synchronous APIs anymore. That means, if you have any shared code, it cannot rely on them. If you have some client-only code, then it could use it, but it’s most likely going to be removed as well, in order to have a unified API.

I think it may be interesting to read this comment or even the entire thread. Long story short, the React integration is now based on the cursor.observe method and no cursor.fetch anymore.


Thank you for for reply.
In my react components (client only, no SSR), many of them query the minimongo directly (It could be not a good approach) likes: const links = Links.findOne({}). As I understand I can keep them as it is, don’t need to convert them to async API.

That’s all I know now.

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