Async/Await write to mongo does not work (SOLVED)

hey guys,

I there any reason why my previously working code (without await) now stopped working? I don’t see any messages popping up anymore in mongo for the code in the async function?

async function reloadAppAndReplaceScriptviaEngine(appId, scriptReplace, generationUserId) {

    const config = {..}

    try {
        var qix = await enigma.getService('qix', config);

        var call = {};
        call.action = 'Connect to Qlik Sense Engine API';    
        REST_Log(call, generationUserId);


import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';

export const APILogs = new Mongo.Collection('apiLogs');

export function REST_Log(call, userId = 'Not defined') {
    call.createDate = new Date();
    call.generationUserId = userId;
    if (Meteor.isServer) {
    } else {


Strange, if I put a new `var call = {}’ before I try to do my logging, it suddenly works again like this

 //get the script
        console.log('get script');
        var script = await;
        **var call = {};**
        call.action = 'Get data load script';
        call.url = gitHubLinks.getScript;
        call.request = 'We extracted the following load script from the app';
        call.response = script;
        REST_Log(call, generationUserId);

        //set the new script
        console.log('set script');
        **var call = {};**
        call.response = await //we now just include the old script in this app
        call.action = 'Insert customer specific data load script for its database';
        call.url = gitHubLinks.setScript;
        call.request = 'The script of the app has been replaced with a customer specific one. Normally you would replace the database connection for each customer. Or you can insert a customer specific script to enable customization per customer. ';
        REST_Log(call, generationUserId);

like this