Async function not returning current state of MongodB


I am upserting MongodB collections and within the function I also tested to see if it has been written to correctly. But externally the result is undefined? I have added Futures and Promises already so if anyone has experienced these kind of issues it will be much appreciated.

import Promise from 'bluebird';
var Future = Npm.require('fibers/future');
const callAsync = Promise.promisify(;

writeOrUpdateSparkdB: function (jsonObj) { 
    var future = new Future();

    try {

        if (jsonObj.content == "200 No results") {
            console.log('inside writeOrUpdateSpark when 200 No result is : ', jsonObj.content);

        var respStatusCodeStrippedString = jsonObj.content.replace("200", ""); //string replace
        var contentObj = EJSON.parse(respStatusCodeStrippedString);
        var writeToSparkdB = contentObj.records.forEach((record) => {
                number: record.number,
                assignment_group: record.assignment_group
            }, {
                // Modifier
                $set: {
                    userid: record.assigned_to_userid,
                    username: record.assigned_to,
                    start_date: moment(record.start_date, "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss").subtract(1, 'hours').format("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"),
                    end_date: moment(record.end_date, "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss").add(1, 'hours').format("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"),
                 } //End of object
            }); //End of $set
        }); //End of forEach

        // Test Readback from Collections
        var readBackFromSparkdB = FutureTasks.find().fetch();

        console.log('Read back from FutureTasks.find().fetch() inside writeOrUpdateSparkdB : ', FutureTasks.find().fetch()); <- OK to read back here.
        console.log('inside writeOrUpdateSparkdB test_time FutureTask Collection State : ', writeToSparkdB); OK to read back here

        console.log('inside writeOrUpdateSparkdB test_time FutureTask Collection State : ', writeToSparkdB); //undefined
        console.log('typeof FutureTask.find is : ', typeof(FutureTasks.find())); //object
        console.log('typeof FutureTask.find().fetch() is : ', typeof(FutureTasks.find().fetch())); //object

    } //End of try

    catch (err) {
        future.throw("upsert-error", err);
    finally {
 return future.wait();
}, // End of writeOrUpdateSparkdB

Calling doesn’t return collections even though it is available when read back from within
function writeOrUpdatedB?

async function doSomething(userToBeChanged) {
    const res1 = await callAsync('writeOrUpdateSparkdB', res0); 
    const tp2 = await console.log('outside writeOrUpdateSparkdB is : ', res1); //Can't read here?
    const typeof_tp2 = await console.log('typeof outside writeOrUpdateSparkdB is : ',    typeof(res1)); //Can't find?

where res0 is coming from previous HTTP.get jsonObj

when I say not returning i mean from res1, but it is still updating the collections globally inside the function?