Async helper functions returning to Blaze

Is Blaze/Spacebars not compatible with async Template helpers (i.e. client side async code)?

I am trying to return an array, which is a fully valid array, to an {{#each}} block in Blaze.

However, for async helper functions, I am getting the classic error: {{#each}} currently only accepts arrays, cursors or falsey values…

(a) Is there a way around this, while still using async helper functions
(b) if not, would you think the error message should be changed at least?

Can we see your code, please?

Why do you need the helpers to be async? This sounds to me, that you want to trigger a complex operation or maybe a call to the server / external library that uses async callbacks.

Such operations should better be processed on onCreated or it’s autorun or an event and store the result in a reactive data source that can be returned by a helper.

It is not a must but in my experience there is always trouble with putting complex operations into helpers.

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Thanks guys - I ended up going the reactive variable / autorun route.

However, the use case I was trying to use it for was actually fairly simple - just an external api call (via server) that I wanted to wait for (and I have a check in the template to make sure it doesn’t get fired until ready, although I know there are cases where the helper fires more often than one might expect)

I don’t have much relevant code actually - as i ended up switching to the autorun route.
Was more of a pattern question / ability to have async helpers for Blaze templates.