"async hook stack has become corrupted" after upgrading nodejs from 12.18.4 to 12.20.1 (for Meteor 1.12.1)

After an upgrade of my app to Meteor 1.12.1 I also upgraded my Dockerfile to the corresponding nodejs version - 12.20.1 and now I get hard crashes when the application launches.

The change was made from nodejs 12.18.4 (for meteor 1.11.1) to nodejs 12.20.1 through a change of the Dockerfile base image. From node:12.18.4-alpine3.11 to node:12.20.1-alpine3.11.

The error in the logs is “Error: async hook stack has become corrupted (actual: 9558, expected: 9556)” with no further information or stack trace. Has anyone seen this before?