Atlas FREE mongo-tier any good for playground-project?

Hi guys,

just a quick question: Is anyone using Atlas FREE tier with meteor? See

Is it “compatible” with meteor (oplog etc)?

I just need a cheap mongo-host for a playground project…

Does anyone know more?

We use it for QA (and the paid version for PROD). I believe that you cannot tail the oplog with the free tier. Besides that it limits to 512MB the qty of data.

I wonder how it compares with the free tier at mLab.

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@raphaelarias Sorry, what is QA? Do you mean quality checks in testing-environment? Are you running a meteor app against atlas free tier? Is it dead-slow, or usable? :slight_smile:

@tab00 What does mLab offer for free? Have you used it with meteor?

Tests and stuff, kind the same as staging in this case. For tests no perceivable difference. In production, we run on a paid version of Atlas.

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@maxhodges thats a funny link you sent. Love the animation and got the message :smile:

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