Atmosphere could display the (original) package maintainer

I am releasing mods to my packages, and I’m curious, there could be an original maintainer field on atmosphere, or something like that so somebody doesn’t pull down one of my packages assuming I am that guy.

Since there’s already a pattern to the nomenclature it should be easy enough to add? Maybe when atmosphere adds the readme this could go in?


What is a mod? Also, atmosphere does have readmes, so could this go in there?

Are you talking about something like forking packages?

As a Meteor developer coming to atmosphere (which is pretty slick with its fancy search and all), getting the information to me on the detail page that is good to know, helps me,

Looking at:

The popularity is interesting to me and that’s there. I’d also like to know who the contributors are and whether the project is maintained, is also interesting.

…Even a “fork from github” button right on the page would be kind of awesome, IMHO. (jk*)


I’m not sure what feature you are asking for, sorry.

Basically just the readme should have this I guess

if you use the github fork feature, it will track where the original repository was for you.

Sure, but if that was shown on the atmosphere page, that might be interesting.