Atmosphere + NPM package


I need help to create a Atmosphere package, to install some npm package on my project, or if that is not possible , to get files from github repository to my project.


Are you using Meteor 1.3 or higher?

If so, you can use npm packages directly (no need to wrap into a meteor package).

meteor npm install somepackage --save

and then import into your code where you need it.


Following your command can i add this somepackage in some file were it can be automatically installed.


Which package are you looking to use?


This is the npm package,

When install some package from atmosphere this include in .meteor/packages but when install npm package you need to do this manually.


Out of my depth (language barrier)!

If anyone else can help, please jump in.


Dont worry about the NPM package , this package only updates some CSS files.

If I want to the package install repository from github instead of NPM package. How do i do that?

npm install githubname/reponame


npm install argob/poncho


I know how install a NPM package manually, but i don’t need this

When you installs some package from atmosphere this include in .meteor/packages, if somebody download my project i wont they no need install nothing else.

When install npm package you need to do this manually.


Okay - in that case have you seen the npm dependencies and Peer npm dependencies sections of the Guide?


When I add the Atmosphere package with Npm.depends , this create a folder into Meteor/local/isopacks/user_package-name/…
There I have two folders with important content, one is npm, this contains the npm dependences, the other is web.browser.

These files are not executed by the

How can I add a file .css from this folders?


That is what I need, but I have another problem, I put another reply for this.
Thank you.


Anyone knows how to do this?