Atmosphere Package README Broken?

I’ve recently published a Meteor package via meteor publish which includes the GitHub repository and the README in the package.describe({ ... }) call per the documentation. However, the “Overview” section contains the following:

This package doesn't have a readme yet.

If you are the package author, make sure your package has a git URL specified in its package.js.

I recently published an 0.0.2 with the following configuration for the

	name: 'simplesigner:jobs',
	version: '0.0.2',
	documentation: '',
	git: '',
	summary: 'TypeScript-First, Efficient, Multi-Server Job Runner for Meteor',

Package.onUse(function(api) {

		'typescript@3.0.0 || 4.0.0',
	], 'server');

	api.mainModule('src/index.ts', 'server');

Meteor / Atmosphere Package: The trusted source for JavaScript packages, Meteor.js resources and tools | Atmosphere
GitHub Project: GitHub - 67726e/ TypeScript Job Runner for MeteorJS

Is there something obvious I’m missing here or is the feature broken?

Published version 0.0.3 with documentation: '/', and it is still not populating.

Published 0.0.4 with an missing / undefined documentation field per a StackOverflow answer on the topic. It is still not populating.

See: meteor - atmosphereJS is not picking up file? - Stack Overflow

Published 0.0.5 with documentation: null, field per the above StackOverflow answer. It is still not populating.

Published 0.0.6 with documentation: './', and it is still not populating.

At this time I have tried just all variations I can think of. It would appear this feature is broken?

This seems like a bug with atmosphere. simplesigner:jobs - Packosphere shows the readme for all the versions you published. There’s been a few other things that have been broken in atmosphere the past few months, such as the app install stats and the trending page.