Atmosphere packages from a CDN


Would it make sense to be able to be able to serve the core Meteor packages and other atmosphere packages from a CDN? If each package were served separately, not concatenated, you would benefit from faster load times even on sites that you’ve never visited before.

I think with SPDY/HTML 2.0 it no longer helps much to concatenate assets anyway since separate assets can be loaded over the same TCP connection.

I assume this would require a change to the build tool, maybe just for production mode.



Packages are only used during build processes.

If you mean their compiled assets then yes I guess. Some sort of CDN for meteor apps would be great. I’ve seen a few packages which export code which inserts a cdn url’ed script tag into the head. But this isn’t ideal :frowning:


Yes, to be clear I’m talking about the compiled client-side assets.


To elaborate more, I mean the build tool would not concatenate the JS and CSS files and add them to the app’s assets, it would instead insert tags pointing to the locations of the right versions of the CSS and JS files on the CDN.


I bet it would be possible to build a proof-of-concept of this pretty quickly! It would be interesting to compare performance/load times of an experiment.