Atmospherejs down

502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoints failed to handle the request.


I’d like to add that a couple of days ago, the meteor forums seemed to have gone down as well. Being a meteor addict right now, I suffered severe withdraw symptoms such as involuntary twitching and ramblings…

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Just realised how much I depend on Atmosphere.


Let us all have a moment of panic and be hysterical…
Or wait a few hours.

Use the command line:

C:\Users\benjick> meteor search router
Matching packages:
ageo:router                             Iron router with IE9 support
iron:router                             Routing specifically designed for Meteor
kadira:flow-router                      Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor

Atmosphere is just one of many app on free meteor hosting solution.
You can always use meteor native tool to work with packages. They are kinda stable at least when I needed them, never expirienced issues.

Pretty sure Atmosphere isn’t hosted on the free meteor servers :stuck_out_tongue: