AtmosphereJS Packages to NPM for Meteor 1.3


With Meteor 1.3 out now, can I assume that most/all of the packages currently within AtmosphereJS, will be migrated over to NPM?

If so, is there a link to find these Meteor 1.3 packages within NPM?

Apologies if I have not asked this question correctly as I am new to Meteor but not sure now in Meteor 1.3 do I still do a meteor add package_name or npm install package_name


I think that generally speaking a lot of Atmosphere packages (mostly “wrappers”) are effectively already on NPM, however there are some that will be ported over in time and others that will never be ported over because they are Meteor specific. So it’s really on a case-by-case basis, npm search xxxx is your friend for this :wink:

When I Google it, I dont find how to use NPM with Meteor 1.3. So to we dont have any packages with Meteor 1.3?

@repsonsive , see

Would using those wrappers from atmosphere install npm latest since some one recommended installing through wrapper first.