Atom linting and beautifying


Hi everyone,

I recently started working with meteor and since i am rather new to all of this i thought i should try to use linting to like described in the guide to keep my code as close to the styleguide as possible.

I tried to set up everything in my editor (atom) like described in the meteor blog (cant put the link here since i am a new user) but this caused my many problems with huge amounts of Errors from ESLint. I have played around quite a lot with my .eslintrc but i am not sure if what i have now is any good

“extends”: [
“rules”: {
“arrow-body-style”: 0,
“prefer-arrow-callback”: 0,
“func-names”: 0,
“react/jsx-no-bind”: 0,
“react/jsx-uses-react”: 1,
“react/prefer-stateless-function”: 0,
“meteor/eventmap-params”: [
2, {
“templateInstanceParamName”: “instance”
“import/no-unresolved”: [
2, {
“ignore”: ["^meteor/"]
“no-undef”: 0,
“indent”: 0,
“parserOptions”: {
“ecmaVersion”: 6,
“ecmaFeatures”: {
“experimentalObjectRestSpread”: true
“plugins”: [


Also i am using Atom-Beautify but i cant manage to seem to set it up in a way that makes my linter happy. I tried to google for advice here but i have not really found anything helpful. I would be really glad if you could give me some advice in setting everythign up properly.