Atom Meteor Packages - Repo to share a out-of-box solution to Meteor dev on Atom

End result, literally you do this:

$ git clone
$ cd atom-meteor-packages
$ apm install --packages-file packages.list

I wanted a way to list out all the good packages that make Meteor development on Atom easier. I’ve used this to set things up on my freshly formatted laptop and it works great!

If you use a package that makes Meteor development easier for you pull requests really encouraged!

I’ve purposely left out things like syntax highlighters and color schemes since that’s way too personal. Every developer likes different colors so it’s best to leave those packages out.

What do you guys think - did I forget a great package?

@arunoda You mentioned you had a good .eslintrc file, would you mind sharing it? Thanks!




Awesome thank you. I’m going to check it out.

One question, do you know how to execute a command-line shell script inside Atom?

I guess you could use one of those packages that add a Terminal to the bottom portion of the Atom editor window.

There’s a Meteor package for Atom that does just that. But it never worked well for me, so I removed it quickly.


I’m wondering why everybody is now recommending eslint? I am still on jshint and it works quite well with Atom and Meteor. What are the benefits of switching to eslint?

In short though:

Best ES6 support, and also the only tool to support JSX

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