Atom: Nuclide | FlowType| Jump to definition?

So i started using Atom for development instead of webstorm, and the main feature I miss is Jump to definition(oh, and autocomplete), facebook has the Nuclide plugin which adds jump to definition but must use “Flow”, anyone have an example setup of this?

If not, what do you recommend?

I wonder why did you decide to dump webstorm? Because atom is free?

Technically webstorm is free for me(student), but honestly I switched because I couldn’t get webstorm to look as pretty as atom, even with the same fonts webstorm renders them differently for some reason.

I know its not a big deal but if I can get a nice workflow with atom, it’d be awesome. Plus it seems a lot faster.

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These are the things I installed in atom: these are basically the suggestions by @awatson1978 (correct me if I’m wrong - copy pasted it some day and don’t remember where from :/)
And it’s working pretty well for meteor specific code - basic javascript excluded.

I’m currently playing around with ternjs integration, but I’m looking for a better solution.