Atom / Nuclide - must-have packages?

I use WebStorm, but Nuclide has caught my attention. What packages do you Atom users recommend for use with Meteor?

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Nuclide… Not so much. For me, it high jacked the tree view, essentially turning Atom into Nuclide. Try searching this site or google for top atom plugins. The linters can be a bit confusing. I switch from sublime. I’m not sure it beats WebStorm. I’ve heard good things about its support for Meteor. Why are you considering a change?

I’ve been using Atom with Meteor for ~ 1 year – here’s my current list of packages:


I agree with @jitterbop that setting up the linters and keeping things kosher can be a bit troublesome at times, but I feel like there is a good trade off in productivity. Beautify is great when cloning other repos, etc. that you are pulling in, plus it beautifies handlebars, so that’s nice.

Yeah, never mind, you’re right :wink: I thought Nuclide would be much more of a game changer than it is. Atom still can’t even jump to definitions out of the box (or as well) as WebStorm does.

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My only beef is that WebStorm is not up to par performance-wise compared to Atom or Sublime. I’m not a fan of Java apps… never seen one that was really responsive.

That sounds like a great feature. Yes, WebStorm can not match the no-bloat speed and simplicity of sublime and atom. If you plan to adopt Mantra the Atom package is very nice.