Attach social account tokens to existing profile

I have a site that utilizes accounts-password as well as third-party authentication services. (Facebook, Twitter, & Google).

If I have a user who registered and uses the standard accounts-password package, how can I attach a third-part token to the profile? For example, the aforementioned user wants to post to their Facebook profile from the app. They’re already logged in, and just needs to authorize Facebook. But when I try to merge these accounts the third-party service (Facebook in this example) logs out the user and logs them back in under FB. They get treated as a separate user. Is there a way I can simple link or attach additional authorization tokens to a profile? This would also be needed if a user uses Facebook to login and wants to send a tweet, they’d need to attach or link the Twitter tokens to their current FB user profile. I’ve been hacking at this for a while with no luck. It seems like all the accounts packages that are out there to merge accoutns are not working or I’m not using them right (probably the latter). At the end of the day I’m just trying to save authorization tokens to a current profile. Any guidance is much appreciated. After three days I’m convinced I’m not even looking at the right place to begin.

Hey there, have you looked into the bozhao:link-accounts package yet ( This package enables you to call for instance Meteor.linkWithFacebook and handles the merging for you.

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I haven’t checked that package. After trying accounts meld and another merge package I just tried to hack my own solution out to no avail. I’ll give this a go. thanks for the suggestion