Attaching a separate Nodejs Client/server (S2/C2) with its own sockets port(P2) to one of the Routes (Rn) in a Meteor (S1/C1 with port P1)


I am a newbie to Meteor and would welcome some help.
A Seperate Cleint/Server S2/C2 needs access to the Mongo data based in S1/C1, and must be controlled by Meteor security.


What are the integration steps for the server S2?:

The code can be transferred to run in S1/server/main.js but it won’t link into the Meteor Server and access the Mongo by simply having the code run there. How is S2 linked into S1?

What are the steps in the client side now transferred to a C1 route C1-Rn? The C2/client/js/index.js can be moved to the C1/imports/ui/Rn folder. Should the C2/client/index.html be reduced to JSX in C1/imports/ui/Rn folder.

Are there any additional steps?

Can the C2 port P2 also be controlled by Meteor if it is different to P1 ? say (SSL) and P1 is Is it required that the port number be the same ? ie P2 is P1/Rn?