Aurelia Meteor package integration

Hi to everyone.

I’m trying to make and Aurelia package for Meteor, and so far I managed to make Meteor load Aurelia framework dependencies, but it stops at bootstrapping faze.

It was brought to my attention that Meteor removes filenames when it goes through bundling process.

In case of Aurelia it’s a problem, since Aurelia uses same named view/view-model pairs eg example.html and example.js (in order to make our lives easier :smile: ), in which effect, I assume, Aurelia can’t find what it needs to start running the app.

Can Meteor be configured so that somehow the filenames in the bundling faze be preserved, or any other solution that will acchieve the integratation?

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Angular does a similar thing here:

If Aurelia has a template cache, then you can add the templates there with the appropriate filename.

Thank you @sashko. Let’s see where itt leads me

If it can help, there’s now a native meteor 1.3 loader, all things done with NPM.
The only package used is to load html files.

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