Aurelia - The Next Gen. Framework

“Aurelia is a next gen JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity”.

.vm.js was renamed to .es.js, since .vm.js is not really appropriate everywhere as it stands for ViewModel. Not all of Aurelia source files are viewmodels.

Feature update:
Typescript support was added. Just use .ts extension.

Atmosphere package:

Aurelia Meteor gitter channel:

The offical page:

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I’ll have to finally try Aurelia one day. Thanks for info!

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Update notice of a new Aurelia package version (.vm.js was renamed to .es.js and typescript support)

What do you mean by mobile and desktop? Mobile and desktop web apps? I thought that Aurelia is bound to the DOM. Or do you mean for something like Cordova and PhoneGap? I thought there wasn’t a possibility for native extensions.

Building Mobile apps with Cordova/PhoneGap and Desktop apps with the Electron framework.
I don’t fully understand your question…

Sorry, I was in a bit of a hurry typing my reply. I meant the possibility for something like React Native or NativeScript (a native JavaScript bridge). The NativeScript devs seem to be under the impression that it is not possible with Aurelia.

Still all fuzzy about the question. Could you give me few more examples? Is NativeScript wrapper for native controls?

NativeScript is actually a runtime so you can access native iOS or Android APIs from JavaScript. So to be able to use it with a client framework, the client framework needs to have a separate render layer. This is needed because the render layer needs to be rewritten to use native controls. When the client framework is bound to the DOM you won’t be able to rewrite it. Actually I would hope the answer to that question is no, it isn’t bound to the DOM.

Hope this answers your question:

Or to ask someone with more authority on the subject at the Aurelia discuss:

There’s always a core developer around.

Thanks I’ll check it out.

@Markusxmr Do you have some article about the philosophy of Aurelia in a Meteor environment. I really like Aurelia but don’t see how it stands together with Meteor and how it fits in the React x Blaze x Angular storm

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Most info about usage of Aurelia with Meteor is at, with couple of examples. Some parts in description, for now, are not most intuitive.
I think in the standoff with React x Blaze x Angular storm, there is not much place, at least not in a way as a official support. But when/if Meteor gets more flexible, I don’t see an issue with using any frontend tech, as a “first class citizen”.