Aurelia v Meteor


Has anyone built applications using Aurelia and also in Meteor - can they give a comparison?


But you can use Aurelia together with Meteor.


Cheers for this. My brain is in the same state of Flux that Javascript frameworks seem to be in. I want to use Meteor, but want PostgreSQL (the atmosphere packages are no longer supported and Meteor has not factored support for it yet, then it will be buggy, so time is an issue here as I have a greenfield project to get on with). I was therefore thinking of developing the front-end in Aurelia and using API end-points in some other language.

Reason for the indecision is that I don’t really need DDP, i.e. my application does not need realtime notification of data changes, just the ability to save forms when submitted and make data requests when needed. Hence, I was looking at and alternative framework to use with API endpoints, for example. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Yeah, in your case, I don’t really see the reason to stick to Meteor.

Aurelia + PHP/Python/Ruby/Node/whatever backend that provides API and support for PostgreSQL will be fine for this job. Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:


Before I disappear down that rabbit hole, can the DDP in Meteor simply be paused/bypassed to still be able to use Meteor simply for the front-end part and call API endpoints?

Conversly, is it possible to have small amounts of reactivity from within an Aurelia-centric application?


The ‘frontend’ part of meteor is basically

  1. minimongo which is fed through DDP with pub/sub of sub-collections that you want to be client-side queryable and
  2. Blaze which has, as much as everyone is still denying it, gone out the door.

Can’t comment on Aurelia, there was a aurelia based package for meteor last year when it first came out. But if you don’t want reactivity, DDP (implies minimongo) then there’s really not much to hold onto. Just use Node/Express if you want a RESTful backend in javascript.


featherjs could be the one you are looking for ; ) supports tons of dbs and is similar to meteor.