Australian meteor hosting

I am currently hosting my site on a galaxy us-east-1 box. I am living in Australia and my target market is an Australian audience. Do I have any better options or should I move away from galaxy? Also I am hosting my mongodb database on a database in the us-east-1 region. Is it a faster/better option having a separate database not on galaxy and is this a good option for a database host? I do like the GUI.

Just looking at ways to speed up my app as notice sometimes it is slow. Have done all the kadira performance optimisations. Just looking into hosting options now. Hopefully there are some Australians out there with experience in this?


You’ll find the best performance hosting closer to your target market. But first actually measure your performance and see how bad it actually is as it currently stands. (Note that you’ll need to do the measurements at different times of day.)

You may find that its acceptable and don’t need to worry about switching yet.

Self-hosting is possible, we did it for 3 years, but are now on galaxy for the ease of management. If you self-host, consider using a service like Loggly to aggregate your different meteor logs as having separate logs is a PITA.

We tried compose for a about 3-4 months but switched to mLab due to several outages that we experienced. Something to do with how compose does their WiredTiger topology with the different load balancers in between caused failover to not work when the primary went down. Still have to test further to see if it was just our app or a more wide-spread issue. Fail-over works as expected with mLab. Could also compare MongoDB’s Atlas’s price for your needs.

I’ve looked into this and there is no PaaS offering that I have found, only IaaS.

Vultr [that link is my referral link] have servers in Sydney - that is likely your most cost effective choice. You will need to manage that infrastructure yourself though. They are cheap and their portal looks awesome.

I’ve got experience using Digital Ocean but they didn’t have servers in Sydney back when I tried them.

Personally I just use NodeChef for hosting at the moment. It is in the US so would perform the same as Galaxy (I also tried Galaxy but needing to also use mLab turned me off).

My business is based in Sydney and we host our Meteor webapps on Australian servers.

We’ve had good experiences with VULTR, Network Presence and VPSBlocks.

They all provide unmanaged Linux VPSs with SSD storage. We take care of the configuration and system administration ourselves.

Can I ask what server and configuration and deployment process you use on VULTR? Also do you host the database on the same instance or what do you use for good australian database hosting? I think I can change my database to an Australian server so that might be easiest anyway.

Galaxy is now available in AWS Sydney! More details here:

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Problem with that is there is no DB included with Galaxy…
and there is no free mLab for Australia…

So if you need to pay for database then you may as well just go with IaaS.

Brilliant news. I will be moving accross this weekend and I have a database with compose so can move that to sydney too. :+1:

Have you taken a look at MongoDB’s Atlas solution? They do offer a free tier and support a number of AWS regions.

Oh I did not know that, thank for the link. Cheers :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, the free tier option doesn’t allow to choose a particular region.

What is the migration method I should use to move from a us-east to the sydney server? Is there an easy way to flip it over or do I have to stop that instance and start a new one?

There isn’t an automated migration process if you’ve already deployed an app in another Galaxy region. Simply re-deploy to the new region of your choice (see specific instructions here) and remember to switch your database hosting location too. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to log a support ticket so our engineers can help you!