Auth key for kadira debug tool

I’m trying to set up kadira-debug with my production app and it asks for an auth key (with instructions at - How can I configure this key, so I can enter it?

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Exactly as it says in that article, you either need to set the environment variable on your prod deployment or you need to set the variable in settings.json and build the app with configured.

Right… I think I’m missing something really simple here
KADIRA_DEBUG_AUTH_KEY=your very long password
What’s the value of “your very long password”? What password?

Oh that is what you mean!
You just make it up to be whatever you want.


I came across this page because I was having the same issue. Thanks for asking/answering.

Not at all clear from the docs - especially since you need the id/secret for APM

I am still wondering with this auth_key. There is no mention that how to generate this key.

Anyone help please.