Auto-fetching packages from git into /packages?

Hi all,
Anybody have a script or utility for auto-fetching packages from git into the /packages directory? Trying to figure out how to git clone each package in .meteor/packages into the /packages directory.

Any ideas?

I wish this existed as well. I would really like to be able to specify the git repo for my packages and have meteor run pull them down into the packages directory when run.

I went and implement a ‘starrynight fetch’ command that looks for a .meteor/repos directory, and looks for a list of URLs to use with git clone. Works well, but it would be better to use the package.json format so we can specify specific commits.


I’m actually still using the old meteorite (remember those days? everything was so new and exiting). I have a smart.json file and run mrt install :smile:

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Whoa! Does mrt install still work? Awesome!

So, I’ve been meaning to add mgp support to starrynight for months now. Just got to it, and published version 3.8.5.

starrynight fetch is now an alias for mgp and supports the git-packages.json file format.