Auto-prefixing SCSS in Meteor?

Is there a package that will handle all vendor prefixes and variations of CSS (for IE10, e.g.)? Currently I just lug a long file of mixins around with me:

@mixin flex($size) {
  flex: $size;
  -webkit-flex: $size;

@mixin flex-direction($direction: row) {
  flex-direction: $direction;
  -webkit-flex-direction: $direction;

// ... etc etc.

What is everyone else using to handle this? An NPM package is fine, though I’m using fourseven:scss so it might have to be a Meteor package.

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PostCSS and Autoprefixer maybe? :wink: there is version 1.0.0-rc.2 for Meteor 1.3-rc.2 (docs for this version:


Nice! Thank you, I’ll check that out soon. :slight_smile: