AutoForm afFieldInput Label Not Showing

I defined an autoform label property in my schemas:

  choices : {
    type: [String],
    label: 'Choices',
    minCount: 4,
    maxCount: 4
  'choices.$' : {
    type: String,
    autoform: {
        label: function(){

And the label property is correctly added to each input when I create it using afArrayField

However, there is, as you can see, still no label next to each text box.

Could someone please help me with showing the label for each form based on the index it is in the array? I just want the textboxes to be numbered and there will only ever be exactly 4 of them if that helps.

Here is the MeteorPad:

Thank you =)

After some fumbling, I got it to work, but it doesn’t seem like I change anything. Weird. =\