Autoform Display E-mail Field


Hello, I have created an AutoForm update form that I am populating with the contents of a document. I am having a difficult time getting AutoForm to display the email address stored in the document.

<template name="edit_user_form">
	{{#autoForm schema=schema id="edit_user_form" type="update" collection=Meteor.users doc=selected_user_doc}}
			{{> afQuickField name="profile.first_name"}}
			{{> afQuickField name="profile.last_name"}}
		{{> afQuickField name="emails"}}
			{{> afQuickField name="status" options="allowed" noselect=true}}
			{{> afQuickField name="roles" options="allowed" noselect=true}}
				<button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Submit</button>
				<button type="reset" class="btn btn-default">Reset</button>

As a result, the Emails input field is populated with “[object Object]”.

Since I am only allowing one e-mail per user, what is the correct way to tell AutoForm to populate a form field with an e-mail address? Thanks.