Autoform hook does not work

I have created a created a template with school.html,school.css and school.js files.

This is what i have in my school.js file

    onSubmit: function(event) {

/* Schools: Event Handlers */
//more code 

and this is my html

{{ #autoForm schema="Schema.User" class="uc" id="usercreation" collection ="Meteor.users" type="method" meteormethod="usercreation" }}
                                      <legend>Create an account</legend>
                                      {{> afQuickField name='email' label='Email' }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='password' type="password" label='Password'  }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='profile.schoolname' label='School Name' }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='profile.schooldescription' label='School Description' }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='profile.schoollocation' label='School Location' }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='profile.schoollogo' label='School Logo' }}
                                      {{> afQuickField name='profile.schooltelephonenumber' label='School Telephone Number' }}
                                    <input type="submit">
                                  {{ /autoForm }}

I am able to display the form with the submit button. Why is the hook not working?.

AutoForm onSubmit hooks are only called when type is normal. See: AutoForm Docs - Form Types: normal.

Let me have a look and report what i found.

@hwillson I solved the issue and created a gist here