Autoform multi upload in autoform

I’m using collectionFS, meteor-autoform and Dropzone, i have a collection with the name: Loteamentos, look some part of the Loteamentos(Schema):

  fotos: {
   type: [String],
   optional: true,
   label: "Fotos",
   autoform: {
    type: 'hidden'

On a template with >quickForm, look like this:

<!-- //NovoLoteamento.html -->
    {{>quickForm collection="Loteamentos" doc=defChangeValues id="inserirLoteamentoForm" type="insert" class="novo-loteamento-form" buttonContent="Novo Loteamento"}}

And in my js i’ve made this:

Session.setDefault('arrayFotos', []);

  defChangeValues: function() {
    return {
      fotos: Session.get('arrayFotos')

Template.NovoLoteamento.rendered = function(){

  if (Meteor.isClient){
    var arrayOfImageIds = [];
    Dropzone.autoDiscover = false;
    // Adds file uploading and adds the imageID of the file uploaded
    // to the arrayOfImageIds object.
    var dropzone = new Dropzone("form#dropzone", {
        accept: function(file, done){
            Images.insert(file, function(err, fileObj){
                } else {
                  alert(fileObj._id + " inserido !");
                  // gets the ID of the image that was uploaded
                  var imageId = fileObj._id;
                  // do something with this image ID, like save it somewhere
    Session.set("arrayFotos", arrayOfImageIds);

Why am i doing this ? Because i want to get the arrayOfImageIds and insert into fotos: [String] in Schema. It’s better solution ? Because i didn’t find a way to put dropzone on autoform.
I just want to make images multi upload inside the Loteamentos collection !