Autoform – Support Blaze, Angular and React

Just like we can swap between UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI and Ionic (Meteoric) – I think we should be able to switch between rendering frameworks too. I guess one approach to solve this is by supporting an interim package that can render to all of them depending on what you choose, and I think we should support the Blaze API which we all know and which most packages are already written for.

I’ve come a long way of a React-Blaze integration with Sidebars, I think we could expand on that idea and support Angular too, because in the end they are all very similar!

Or we take the time to implement autoform and all the future packages for all the three rendering frameworks, who’s up for that?

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Hi! I’m currently working on an autoform implementation for angular-formly! For the moment I only wrote an helper for simple-schema easy tree walk noxu:simple-schema. The thing is that I want to decouple autoform from the rendering engine and later provide a mapping package for any renderer.

It would be great to have later a blaze-formy and react-formly ports in order to be as flexible as we can.

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Ah cool I’ll check it out! Would you want to help out with Sidebars for this purpose? :slight_smile:

I just started looking at supporting angular2 with a template extension ".html.ts"

And instead of compiling to js I’d be better to compile to ts or jsx and have a week dependency on the frameworks, or we might not even need any dependencies maybe… ?

I am very busy at the moment and I will only focus on the angular-formly integration with simple-schema. But if you want an exemple of how easy it is to write such a mapping function here is a gist that I’ve made This sample uses my SimpleSchema.walk function