Autoform update Images not reactive and is removing them


I have an Insert/Update form on the same page as a corresponding list of products, laid out in a table grid which updates reactively as new products are inserted via the form. As new products are added a new row in the adjacent table appears displaying the product’s Image, Name Price etc… as well as an Edit and Remove button. The Edit button changes the Insert Autoform to an Update Autoform and all the Products fields are displayed retrieved and updated correctly.

The Update form’s image field also displays a preview of the product image but when I choose other Products to edit/update the Image will not reactively change, it will stay the same as for the initial product selected to edit/update. The name and price fields do change correctly but the Image will not unless I hit the form’s reset button, then the correct product image will appear but when the corresponding product changes are submitted the product’s Image will be removed from the collection.

Weird thing is I can see the correct ImageID changing in Chrome’s element tree whenever I select Edit for a product but it will not reactively render the correct image in the adjacent form next to the products list table.

I have read of a similar issue using yogiben/meteor-autoform-file here: and here:

Note: I am using pushplaybang:autoform-cloudinary to handle image uploads and it is working well. It is a fork of cosio55:autoform-cloudinary. Version of Autoform is aldeed:autoform v6.2.0, with npm simpl-schema v0.3.2 and using Meteor v1.5.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.